5 Tips For Growing Herbs Indoors

Growing herbs indoors is an easy way to ensure you’ll have your favorite fresh herbs on hand at all times. Pots of growing herbs also make nice indoor house plants and their fragrance keeps the indoor air smelling sweet.

Use these 6 herb growing tips and get a few pots started today so you can enjoy fresh herbs year around.

Tip 1: Location

Herbs need bright light to grow, so select a location that will receive as much sunlight as possible. A sunny windowsill that faces south is ideal, but an east or west facing window will work too.

Plants will need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.  Use the windowsill, a table near the window or window shelving for the growing location.

Grow lights can be used to supplement the natural sunlight if needed.

Tip 2: Pot Size

Select the appropriate pot size for the herb plant. If pot is too big, watering and feeding can be inconsistent for plant roots, if the pot is too small the plant will become stunted. Each herb plant needs its own pot.

Use pots with bottom saucers to catch and hold water to increase humidity around the plant.

Tip 3: Food and Water

Use a weak solution of water soluble plant food each time you water the herbs plant during the growing months. Stop feeding and reduce watering frequency during the winter.

Allow top of soil to dry out between watering, then water slowly and thoroughly until the water runs out of the bottom drainage hole.

Tip 4: Fertilizer Flush Out

In spring and fall, flush out all fertilizer build-up in soil by running cool water through the soil for a few minutes. Do this flush-out in the sink with slow running water.

Tip 5: Room Temperature

Herbs grow best when room temperature is between 60-70 F. The air around a window will be cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer, so make adjustments to plant location or room temperature as needed.

Also, never allow the herb plant leaves to touch the glass window pane during winter. The cold glass will damage the leaves and possibly kill the herb plant.

Tip 6: Air Circulation

Herb plants need plenty of room around them to promote good air circulation. If plants are crowded together it will encourage disease, which will quickly spread between the plants.

Rotate herb plants every few days to promote good air circulation and even sunlight distribution.

With these 6 tips for growing herbs indoors you should be all set to begin growing your own. Take a look at some of our how-to guides to get started!

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